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Class Structure 課計

The School Of Wing Chun Kuen

All students are taught and focused on individually, students are not put into groups but are all integrated together. This way students, beginners especially can gain good skill and good habits from more senior students rather being left to practise with other beginners and gaining bad habits.

All students are taught to help and assist each other. I always say that "if you (the seniors) invest time and effort in your brother/sister; in time they will develop to be better practise partners for you".

A new starter begins his/her introduction with the teacher and is then left to practise with the most senior student in the class.

From the very first lesson beginners are taught traditional exercises/techniques rather than repetitive drills... they are taught exercises such as 'Daan Chi Sau - single sticking hands', Taan-Da, Lok Sau etc to develop sensitivity and reflexes as well as develop better 'Gung-Lek', which translates as 'movement experience'... this relates to techniques, structure, muscle memory and experience (confidence).

Beginners are also introduced to and taught 'Siu Lim Tao', the first form/set of techniques of the Wing Chun system.

Students are then taught to 'Poon Sau' (roll hands) and taught the various changes etc..... This is the build up for Seung Chi Sau (double sticking hands) and Gwor Sau ('free hand' practise).

Senior students are given the opportunity to Chi Sau together as well as practise with less experienced students, the class is not divided.

Once students are confident, they are then taught 'footwork', this involves turning, circular stepping, stepping forward, back, moving diagonally, evading, parrying, advancing, closing-the-gap and decreasing the reaching distance.

All students including the senior students are assessed individually every lesson if possible.

Students are taught each form, along with the theory and practical application. At the end of each form when a student is ready, he/she is assessed on their technical and practical skill as well as their knowledge. They are also assessed by a simple written test. This all lasts for no more than an hour.

There is an additional workshop once a month covering core subjects and key areas. This was introduced to further develop students knowledge and skill by giving them the opportunity to learn, break-down and focus on vital components of Wing Chun. They are taught the theory including historic context as well as the practical significance.

* The School Of Wing Chun Kuen is a strictly independent school and has no association or affiliation with any other persons or schools, neither does it claim to represent them nor do they represent it. Any views expressed are solely of 'The School Of Wing Chun Kuen'.

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