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School Rules 詠春祖訓

The School Of Wing Chun Kuen - No Ego, No Bravado, No Politics.

Respect the art; respect your teacher and the knowledge given to you.

Respect your kung-fu brothers and sisters; Junior or Senior, without them your practice is limited.

Be Humble, any skill gained is from the skill taught. Arrogance is not a virtue.

Be patient with each other and be patient with yourself.


Do not be aggressive. Frustration is not an excuse.


Do not be competitive; learn from your mistakes and develop yourself.


Be moral in all your dealings. Represent the art and your school with good nature.


Maintain the Martial Ethics 武德 (Mou-Dak/Wu-De) - 謙 - 誠 - 禮 - 義 - 信 --- 勇 - 忍 - 恒 - 毅 - 志


Greet or Thank by holding your right fist in your left palm. This is a gesture of peace, sincerity and goodwill. Use your eyes and facial expressions, but do not bow.


Be punctual, maintain good attendance. Discipline is key to good, consistent learning.

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